Data Products

We create and provision software using Amazon Web Services, designed for image analysis at scale. Underlying algorithms cover a wide variety of tasks, the following is a quick summary of several REST API methods that are currently available for testing.

Perform OCR, robust in the presence non-textual objects like borders, obtain bounding box information and horizontal line details as well.

Example Output {"ln":-1,"xl":-1,"xr":-1,"yl":0,"yu":0,"t":"----"},
{"ln":0,"xl":16,"xr":732,"yl":11,"yu":33,"t":"Table 1 : Several Data Series"},
{"ln":1,"xl":17,"xr":874,"yl":51,"yu":73,"t":"series A series B series C series D series E"},
{"ln":2,"xl":17,"xr":884,"yl":92,"yu":113,"t":"0.783786 0.121461 0.650915 0.585636 0.788527"},

Infer heat map (x,y,z) data using the traditional color map.

Example Output {"z":0.571429,"x":140,"y":1},

Identify, separate out and invert geo-spatial data.

Example Output {"x":348,"y":221},

Rapidly extract image outlines, or apply your own custom kernel for image convolution.

Example Output