Plot2txt creates and manages API methods for performing analysis of images, technical and otherwise, using a combination of computer vision, machine learning and traditional OCR. These algorithms run on Amazon Web Services (AWS), overall providing a powerful means for constructing large scale document content extraction workflows.

Plot2txt allows you to ingest images from analytics dashboards, legacy datasheets, document collections, maps and hundreds of other possibilities, creating text and images ready for further analysis and machine learning tasks.


Matías Jonsson is a undergraduate Physics student at Carnegie Mellon University. He’s on the ballroom dance team and the varsity track team (800m). He thoroughly enjoys discovering solutions to problems he hasn’t learned how to solve.

Initially desiring a career in physics, Chris Kruger found a happiness in computer science which has yielded a meandering career through game development, visualization, cluster, mobile and cloud applications. He has worked for a number of international organisations in Europe, Australia and Asia over 20 years and still loves working in technology. If he were born in middle ages he claims he probably would have been a blacksmith or innkeeper.

Rebecca Brouwer has over 15 years experience in management and handles the operational side of p2t. Rebecca’s passionate about the great outdoors, gardening and chick rock.

Founder Bill Brouwer (PhD, Physics) has worked as a developer for many years, largely in applications of High Performance Computing. He currently spends most of his time working with finite difference, ray tracing and digital signal processing applications. Bill maintains a passion for CUDA and programming Nvidia GPUs. Like many physicists, Bill loves to solve difficult problems.